Living with People and Sound

There has always been music in my life: In the songs my mother sang to me, later by playing the piano and the violin. With music I could submerge myself in other worlds. When I played music to other people I could take them there.


I thought that this would be my life: music and helping people to be happy. But life wanted me to learn how to help myself first before I could start to help others.


When I started my apprenticeship to become a doctor's assistant I was asking myself constantly "How can I help"?

Since then I have observed again and again:


People are happy, when they find something that helps


Sound is everywhere. Music arises when harmony is attained.


After several years of formal training and collecting life-experiences I decided to help people to find and to realise this freed space for People and Sound in the centre of Basel.


I feel infinite gratitude for all persons supporting me.