"As long as you are able to admire and to love, you are young"

(Pablo Casals)

deciding for Myself 


doing it Myself


succeeding Myself


With ageing our aim of self-determination does not simply disappear.

On the contrary – the need can even grow, as the growing limitations through old age and disease become noticeable.


What would help most but lessens along with the energy: 


The sense for beauty and joie de vivre


I visit you at home and we will look together at your daily routine:

  • What are you able to do very well?
  • Where could you take burden off yourself?

 If changes are necessary I will help and advice.


If required I will accompany you to doctor's appointments or give support during hospitalisation.


Don't hesitate to contact me for a free appointment.


It is never too late to care for yourself