"There is no certainty; there is only adventure" (R. Assagioli)


Our entire diversity,

link it with the unifying centre,

and this will create a now superpower.


The bad news: It is not that easy, as we possess an enormous amount of diverse parts inside us and external circumstances often don't make life easy for us either.


The good news: It is possible. It gets easier with growing experience.


Psychosynthesis belongs to the group of Transpersonal Psychology and was developed by the Italian psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli. The aim is lifetime personal development toward entity and harmony in life.


There are many active methods to attain this goal: We work with spontaneous thoughts, body perception, emotions and dreams. The methods of psychosynthesis are as diverse as the people.


If we unite all our psychic energies with our conscious mind, they can effectively work together, which is how psychosynthesis works. A new powerful energy arises which is greater than the sum of all single parts. A special dynamic is produced by the union of opposites, e.g. powerful and fragile, autonomy and society, stability and change.


The unifying centre inside us is The Self. It finds connections and builds relationships within the numerous parts of us. The Self is the part of us which always stays the same: if we win or lose, in private- or in business-life, if we feel happy or feel sad. In our Self we find retreat. 


A balanced interplay of our conscious mind and The Self promotes lively and creative relationships within ourself as well as to the world around us.


Growth and development are a natural phenomenon. Psychosynthesis does not set boundaries to the impulse of self-fulfilment. Transpersonal Psychosynthesis opens the consciousness to the deeper sense of life and the question:


"And which entireness am I a part of?"