"We are vibrational beings" (John Beaulieu)

Sound is a natural phenomenon. Everything vibrates: around us, inside us and through our body.

Many essential bodily functions are based on frequencies, e.g. our heart, our brain and our breath.


Vibrations verifiably affect our bodily systems, especially the nervous system. Beside the function of the body, the nervous system controls our mental activity and actions as well.


I use tuning forks developed by John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D. which are tuned to natural frequencies. As they produce overtones the effects are complex.

The tuning forks can be placed directly on the body. The effect is similar to a massage.

If you tap them separately or agains each other, the vibrations are perceived by the ears and the skin.


Sounds create a natural order inside us. The ideal precondition to

  • adapt to necessary changes
  • regeneration 
  • stimulate the body's natural self-healing powers 

Sound detects reliably and unerringly what we need. It connects our numerous diverse parts with each other and our inner with the outer world.


Through sound we can feel comfortable and secure